Autopsy draws from the murky world of pulp horror and the life of literary icon H.P Lovecraft to create a genre-bending examination of haunted lives, terrible deaths and the secrets we take to our graves…

New media theatre company Despite the Monkey continue their trailblazing use of 3D audio with an all new experience that in each performance asks its audience to choose one of three terrifying tales to immerse themselves in.

The Doctor. The Painter. The Writer.

Three wretched, disparate souls all long since removed from the discordant shackles of all that is good and godly.

That is to say they are no longer amongst the living… And for that we should most certainly be thankful.

They leave behind them a fiendish cavalcade of unfathomable mystery. To go in search of the truth would surely be to reveal a blasphemous and terrible reality far beyond the motherly clasp of taste and decency.

Yet still…Sometimes man must pry the eyes…. In the name of science we may finally offer three titillating morsels for public consumption that hint at a world far stranger than we could ever have imagined.

For your part, a choice. One of three to discover and experience. The good doctor, the master painter or the lost writer of Providence.

They may be gone, but perhaps in the rotting labyrinths of flesh and bone that remains of them; the key to who they were…what they are…may finally reveal itself.

Creative Team

  • Sound Designer - Connor McConnell
  • Written by Harry Machray
  • Composer - Tammy Howarth
  • Designer - Dylan Howells
  • Stage Manager - Kate Condon
  • Producer - Joe Ramsden


Featuring the vocal talents of:

  • Karen Young
  • Duncan Riches
  • Rebecca Ozer