LightNight At Home

Create Your Own LiverBird Avatar

For the best experience please view this page on Desktop/Laptop or Tablet

To celebrate #LightNightatHome Despite the Monkey have created a Liverbird Avatar Creator.

Create your own Liverbird and make it your profile picture, or share it online to get involved with Light Night at Home!

How it Works

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Press the Start Button Below
  2. Pick and Choose your LiverBird features
  3. Press Save to Download your Avatar



When you press Save after creating your Avatar, the Avatar will download as an image directly to your browsers download folder.

If you have problems downloading your Avatar, first try refreshing the page. If the problem still persists, check your browsers download permissions, it is possible the browser may be blocking the Avatar download.

Mobile and Tablet

Depending on the model of your device a number of different things may happen when you save.

If you are given the option to download or view the avatar, Select “View”, then “Share”, here you’ll be able to post your avatar to social media.

Alternatively selecting Download will allow you to save your image as a photo to your device which can then be shared directly from your device.