About Us.

Addicted to Storytelling

Originally founded as a theatre company in 2017, Despite the Monkey has since expanded its scope, now also providing a wide range of services to people and organisations looking to create innovative experiences for audiences of their own.

What we do

Our approach to storytelling encompasses the twin values of audience experience and innovation to create unforgettable work.

Mixed Reality

VR/AR Content Creation, Binaral Audio, Interactive Installations, IOT/Connectivity

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Audio Visual

Sound/Video/Lighting Design, Real-Time Content Generation, Audio/Podcast Production, System Design

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Digital Services

Web Design/Hosting, App Development, Graphic design

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Production Services

Creative Direction, Project Management, Narative content writing, Dramaturgy

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Design and Fabrication

Set/Installation Design and Construction, model Making, Prop Design, Pre-Vis

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Workshops and Education

Creative Coding/Technology, Technological Project Enhancement, Creative Storytelling

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Empowering creatives with technology

Despite The Monkey believes that artistic endeavour and technological innovation go hand in hand. Our reputation has been built on enabling artists to enrich their creative process with new media techniques that may have previously seemed beyond their reach. We constantly look to push ourselves in daring new directions and help others to expand their storytelling capabilities.

We Value Collaboration

Our team is dedicated to learning, listening and evolving through collaborative work. When working with the right people, you are able to invigorate your own personal practice whilst striving towards your mutual goal. Great collaborators are the key to a great final product.

Accessible By Default

We believe in the immeasurable power of art and technology to enrich lives and illuminate the world we live in. As such, we push ourselves to create work that can connect not just with individuals, but with communities. We will always strive to make sure that our projects are visible and available to all.

Friendly and open

We're a tight knit team who pride ourselves on professionalism and creative dedication. We love working with others and discovering new and exciting ways to explore our craft. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’re always excited to hear about what you’re working on!

Innovation through creativity

Despite The Monkey knows that when you’re inspired to create you should never look to limit your aspirations. It is only by challenging ourselves to innovate that we can deliver an end product that defies expectation. Our work can be challenging, charming, irreverent and strange...the one thing it will never be is ordinary.

Our Team

Dylan Howells


Findlay Claydon

Sound Designer

Harry Machray

Artistic Director

Joseph Ramsden

Creative Producer

Kate Condon

Stage Manager

Tammy Howarth



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