Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality doesn't just mean XR, it means rich multi-media audience experiences, using a variety of technologies, from interactive audio tours to experiential installations, we belive we can create experiences audiences will never forget.

VR/AR Content Creation · Binaral Audio · Interactive Installations · IOT/Connectivity

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Audio Visual

High quality content is key to producing high quality experiences.

Sound/Video/Lighting Design · Real-Time Content Generation · Audio/Podcast Production · System Design

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Digital Services

We've spent a lot of time optimising our digital workflow to make it quick and easy to deploy digital projects with minimal fuss, in a low cost and flexible manner, allowing us to get ideas up and running as smoothly as possible, no matter how unique the requirements.

Web Design/Hosting · App Development · Real-time Backend Services · Graphic Design

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Production Services

Creative Direction · Project Management · Narative content writing · Dramaturgy

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Design and fabrication

Set/Installation Design and Construction · Model Making · Prop Design, Pre-Vis

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Workshops and Education

Creative Coding/Technology · Technological Project Enhancement · Creative Storytelling

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